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Best Razor & Wetshave Wishlist

Best Razor & Wetshave Wishlist

Best Razor & Wetshave Wishlist

What is the Recommended Razor for Luther Lather?
Luther Lather highly recommends a double edge razor.
The best experience in my opinion, would be with a Gillette Fatboy DE Razor.

Back then products were made to last, made with top quality and were relevant.
This razor is still the Lamborghini of Razors in my opinion. It’s timeless.

It’s the Boss. Everything from the finishing’s on the grip etched into the thick handle to the notch dial setting features and the sleek chrome finish and balanced weight.  

Although shavers and users can utilize a standard Harrys 3 or 4 blade razor,
Barber style straight blade or even a 3 piece DE. - Op

Olin Penna

Head BatchMaker
Luther Lather Shaving Creamery

Background: Gillette “Fatboy” Razor
The Gillette 195 Adjustable Safety Razor or commonly known the "Fatboy" was made for three and a half years between 1958 (D-3) and 1962 (H-1). The original retail list price was $1.95. This is one of the most popular Gillette Adjustable Safety Razors and prices for these have been going up on popular auction sites for many years. 

I purchased mine for roughly $191 Canadian Dollars in the fall of 2020 but this model can easily reach up to $800-$1000 Canadian on some auction sites depending on the make, model, condition.

The adjustment dial on all Fatboys razor has nine positions and starts at "1" (most forgiving setting) and clicks at each number until you reach up to the last notch level at "9" (most aggressive setting). These razors weigh 79 grams.

Other model/line extensions are called the “Executive Fat Boy” are in gold or even the skinny model which is called the Slim (longer, lean handle)

Razors: what to use in Fatboy
You don’t need to have Gillette only blades to enjoy this razor. You can drop in almost any double edge blades. I enjoy using Muhle (Germany), Tiger blades (Czech) and Derby (Turkey) blades in my Fatboy.