The Father and Son team can often be found with their collection at expos, festivals and various pop ups. They take much delight by connecting with loyal followers and interacting with wet-shavers alike. 

The vision for Luther Lather Shaving Creamery was to infuse naturally made men’s cosmetics into a craft brewery type setting where the four seasons dictate and inspire limited edition launches and small batch novelty. 

The wet shave ritual encouraged Luther Lather to craft an old school shave cream that uses a curing process like a delicatessen or fine champagne maker would. Once cured the cream is then whipped into a cake frosting like texture and packed into jars. 

When not churning out batches, you will find Olin at the neighborhood hockey rink, jogging with his Catahoula or hanging out near the backyard bonfire at his family’s home.

Doug, his Father helps oversee production. Doug a retired forester, is an avid hiker, walleye fishermen and enjoys the odd round of golf every now and then.