Where is Luther Lather located?
Luther Lather has various PopUps locations throughout the Year 
in Charlottetown PEI as well as off Island in Moncton, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto. In Charlottetown, below are the Three Main rotating sites:

(1.) Queen Street Sunday Market,
DATES: July 2 -Sept 24th  ( 10am- 3pm) 
ADDRESS: Corner Queen/Dorchester Street

(2.) Royalty Crossing Mall
DATES: ( June / December )

ADDRESS: 670 University Ave

(3.) SeaPort Market & Founders Hall
DATES:  (Fall/ Winter)
ADDRESS: 1 Weymouth Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 8W1

NOTE: Tour dates and locations can be found on the Luther Lather website.

How long does a Shave Stein last till I run out and its empty?
Each users' experience and duration of shaving cream varies based on how many times per week they must shave as well as how many passes they may prefer (DE or Straight razors) as well as if they prefer to only shave cheeks, neck, head, full face or just fore arms. Some users prefer thick coats & extra passes, while some users only apply thin coat. Most users who would shave 1-2 times per week should have 8-11 months of product in their steins. Again this duration will vary between users.

What is the Expiration Date on Shaving cream? 
We recommend using the product within month of purchase. We suggest storing stein in cool dry place. If any issues occur please contact us directly. 

Does Luther Lather sell glass tumblers anymore?
No the glass tumblers are no longer offered in our collection. The fragile nature of glass for our users and for online shipping was becoming challenging as jars became damaged. We have shifted our focus to make our own in-house light weight & durable aluminum steins. 

 Should I wet my brush in water before I lather + twirl it in the jar? 
Yes its strongly recommended to wet the shave brush thoroughly or even soak it prior to whisking in the shave stein to ensure the bristles can lather properly within the cream as well as protect the bristles by allowing better glide. Whisking the brush rigorously when dry can lead to damage and excessive hair loss from brush thru abrasive strokes.

Is Luther Lather a shaving soap? 
Luther Lather is NOT a shave soap. Luther Lather is a true shave cream (3 in 1) as it is Shave Cream+Moisturizer+ Aftershave.

Unlike generic shave soaps that repel water Luther Lather absorbs into the skin to moisturize. Any shave cream residue left on the face or brush can be rubbed into the skin post shave. The honey milk soap and coconut oil in our shave cream gives the skin a refreshed, moisturized and healed finish.

My refill Bladder seemed to have melted or is soft after being mailed.
We ship out all shaving refill bladders out in a poly mailer bag in a frozen state. During time in transit it may melt and leave droplets or moisture within the poly bag. The cream should arrive with a firm mud like texture. If the cream appears to be in a fully melted liquid state place bladder in freezer again and let it sit for a day. If it persists please contact us. 

My refill Bladder had too much cream in it or has slightly less cream to fill to steins jar lip. 
Each stein was handmade so the jar walls may have thinner or thicker walls creating a slight variation of volume holding capacity.

Example: if you have slightly less cream where it doesn't reach stein cavity surface you may have a slightly larger jar in having thinner walls. 

Can I pack my Luther Stein as a "Carry-on" when travelling ?
No it's strongly recommended NOT to place in carry-on luggage during air travel as the Regualr Stein and refill bladders are both roughly 6.8 ounces. 

The new Travel Stein which is 3oz. 

Place regualr shave stein and bladder in checked luggage and ensure there is some articles of protection to coat the items during transit. As per TSA guidelines cosmetics and or liquid containers should be equal or less than 3 oz or 100 ml.  

Note: If the stein is empty then it is compliant with TSA regulations.