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Shaving Brush Hack

Shaving Brush Hack

Shaving Brush Hack


What is the best shaving brush on the market you ask? The truth is, there really isn’t one and judging or ranking a shave brush is strictly based on subjective opinion.

Every shaver or user has his/her preference whether the knot is extra stiff or super-soft. Some folks enjoy animal hair based brushes while others like the synthetic options.

There are brush bristles made of badger, boar, horse and synthetic. There are even different grades of hair within the badger brush category like 
(pure, best, super, silver tip) 

Other shavers really take the enjoyment in making a brush on their own whether through lathe or metalworks.  Custom handcrafted brush handles can be found in metal, resin, wood, tusk or horn.

Using a family heirloom brush that Great-Great-Grampa used can be nostalgic and more meaningful than a buying a new one. Alternatively, maybe acquiring a new brush that has meaning while being on travel far away as a memory has more purpose.

For myself, my preference for shaving brush was always horse hair but up until recently I’ve been testing a synthetic brush by Simpsons and surprisingly it performs well and it's growing on me as a favorite.

Whatever the case may be, there are many brushes out there and many people have their own personal preference. Below is a something I would like to share that might be helpful while on your shaving experience & journey as more of a life hack.  

Hybrid Shaving Brush & Life Hack:
If you have an OLD brush that has been used for many years and is starting to lose its stiffness or if a NEW brush you purchased is much too soft for your preference while you lather or spread your cream, try wrapping an elastic band tight around the base of the bristles of the brush – just above the seam of the handle (as seen in this photo).

I’ve had some badger brushes that are far too soft from a bristle perspective and don’t spread very well. Once I tightened the base of the bristle with an elastic band the brush performed like a new stiffer brush. The shave remarkably had a badger brush spreading and performing stiffer like a boar brush. Give it a try!



About the Author:

Luther Lather Shaving Creamery is a privately owned shop in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island that churns out seasonal reserve batches of Fine whipped Shave Cream. 

Luther Lather is fiercely dedicated to bringing back the swagger of well-groomed Gentlemen by way of the proper wet shave.