Poetry of Toiletry | Luther Lather Shaving Creamery

He stands ever so still in silence.. Eyes fixated on the mask of masculine mud 
bestowed in the reflection of himself.

His shave stein glowing in chrome, sits untwisted & open with dignity.

Resting sink side sits a horse brush smothered in a wet jacket of froth from his daily ceremonial whisk.

Lips pressed tight, left still and with purpose, caked in white foam.
His nostrils inhaling subtle notes of vanilla, cinnamon & black current that linger in the steamy bath house air. 

Gentle, careful strokes, from side to side moves the steel edge. He pauses every so often allowing the hot faucet to rinse off particles of facial wool.

With grace, the steel edge draws around the corners of chin, before catching the undercarriage of the exposed and vulnerable throat.

Stroke. stroke. stroke. rasp. rasp .rasp.
Down fall whiskers into a swimming pool of ivory porcelain.

The Blade maneuvers and follows crisp lines from the gentle strokes prior.

Explicitly there he stands, motionless taking time to acknowledge the fallen grains of yesterday.

The strikes of first pass ever so revealing the now defined chiseled jaw and distinctive mouth lines that were once hidden beneath a dark shadow of stubble.  

Behold a Gentlemen is revealed. 

Handcrafted with Conviction. Sold on Merit.
From the Pride of Prince Edward Island.


Luther Lather Shaving Creamery pays homage to the generations that came long before us. Saluting the days when things took a little more time & effort to do a job well done. Inspired by Past Era Legends and Grandfathers whom took time to elevate this daily ritual. 

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