Enviromental Impact

In a retail era of disposable consumables its so vital to rethink the way we use, purchase and feel about items we use on a daily basis. After much reflection we wanted to recreate Luther Lather to better ourselves, the environment and to better the lives of our customers, friends & community. We truly yearn to produce and share a meaningful product.

From a packaging and philosophical approach, the need for less in size, the need for less in waste, the need for durability and the need for better brush ergonomics were the key drivers that help shape the intended Luther Lather experience.

Just as important, the need for a more meaningful experience through heirloom legacy has given our Creamery the opportunity at creating a compelling product that is much more than just a whipped shaving cream.

We proudly present the bespoken creation for the goodwill of wet shavers everywhere. 

We don’t need to be the only shave cream that You own. 
We just want to be Your most cherished and meaningful one You use.

Based on that merit, we hope to be passed down to other generations of You.