Stein Refills



Simply cut the corner off of bladder to act as a small opening for the cream to flow out of. The bladder should almost as a cake icing pouch. Once complete, firmly press your fingers on the bladder end, squeeze the cream towards the opening or hole of the bladder and carefully transfer the shave cream into your stein.
Once the bladder is almost empty, roll the end of the bladder like a toothpaste tube on its last drop...this should allow the pressure to push most of the remaining residue toward the corner hole opening to ensure most of the product gets discharged into the stein. Some folks have opened up the bladder entirely and scrapped the residue from the bladder using spatula.

Helpful tool 
Try using a silicone spatula to help smooth and evenly spread the cream into stein to ensure you can get every last ounce back into your stein. Once the stein is full, twist the lid on & pack the jar by slapping the bottom of the jar against your hand firmly to pack the application tight into your stein. 

If your not using the full bladder of shave cream immediately; we recommend to store the bladder in the deep freezer until you are ready to transfer the bladder to your stein. This should help better preserve your cream and as you take it out of the freezer, give the bladder some time to thaw out and soften before you start squeezing out the cream from the directions above.