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We Present to you

The Shave Cream Stein

The bespoken creation for the goodwill of wet shavers everywhere

So, What is it?

Inspired by Antique shaving mugs, Oktoberfest Beer Hall Steins and a hammer finish Wedding ring, we have created what will represent our Brands soul for years to come. Behold the Luther Lather Shaving Stein.

The 6.8 oz Aluminum Hammer finish Shave Stein comes with twist lid. Each Aluminum stein is handcrafted individually and will have distinct dimples that may vary between steins. These are truly unique and have matching dimpled twist lids that are custom fitted to each stein. 

The Stein is sold and filled with YOUR  preferred whipped shave cream of choice. Once the Stein is fully empty, please refrain from throwing away into garbage.  Simply reorder the refillable bladder online or swing by our flagship store for freshly whipped shave cream to replenish into your stein. Very similar to your favorite ale being refilled into your growler.  

It's refillable. It's reusable. It's travel friendly. It's durable. It's yours to enjoy and share.

Story & Background

After reflection and feedback from our beloved customers we went back to the idea board to recreate Luther Lather to better ourselves, the environment and to better the experience of our customers and friends. 

From a philosophical approach, the need for less in size, the need for less in waste, the need for durability, the need for better brush ergonomics and the need for a more meaningful experience through heirloom legacy has given us the opportunity at creating a compelling product that is much more than just a whipped shaving cream. 

luther lather shave stein luxe hotel

Wet Shave tutorial with Luther Lather Shaving Creamery

How it stands apart

Luther Lather is a true shave cream (3-in-1) as it is intentionally made to be used as a Shave Butter+Moisturizer+ Aftershave. The texture of the cream will be similar to cake frosting or icing. 

A helpful reminder to consider is once shaving is compete with Luther Lather refrain from rinsing off face or skin. Unlike other shave soaps that repel water Luther Lather absorbs into the skin to moisturize. Any shave cream residue left on the face or brush can be rubbed into the skin post shave. The honey and coconut oil in our shave butter gives the skin a refreshed & moisturized feel or appearance.

This is for the generations that came long before us. Saluting the days when things took a little more time & effort to do a job well done. From bankers to bricklayers, from fishermen to diplomats, we whisk this jar in ceremony. This is the Celebration of Manhood. 

This is the Luther Lather experience. Your era begins now. 

Take it to the next level

The Shaving Academy

Let's bring back the swagger of well-groomed gentlemen by way of the proper wet shave