Horse Hair Shaving Brush

This Horse Hair shaving brush has grey pepper toned bristles that sit nestled atop of our Mega-Yacht White acrylic handle.  

Just like the exciting race thoroughbreds that dash the course tracks of many derbies, our shaving brush shall not disappoint. 

Horse Brush Bristles
This brush has somewhat stiffer bristles, yet the tip of the brush is soft and very forgiving. Horse hair is often considered a hybrid brush that acts as an " in between" from soft badger brush features and a stiff bristles attributes of a boar brush. The other key feature is that the horse hair extraction is sustainable by which no animal is harmed or harvested for producing our knots. The hair knot is comprised of strictly mane and tail. 

Break In Preparation & Maintenance of Brush
When you first christen and open your new brush it will have a musty smell when its wet for the first 10-20 shaves. Not to worry, This smell will eventually go away with more use.With any real animal hair brush it does leave a lingering odor once it has been wet.

To circumvent this issue, We highly recommend taking a tea cup, fill it with hot water add some biodegradable dish soap. Squirt in a dime portion of soap and fill with hot water. Place your brush in it and let it soak in the teacup for 24 hrs. Take out and rinse. Let it air dry. This exercise should take away some of the odor. Repeat again if it further persists. As we mentioned, over time the smell dissipates. If you try the tea cup trick it should accelerate the brush break in.