Our Story

Founded in 2011 Luther Lather initially made batches for friends as gifts. The Creamery later incorporated later in 2016 via Luther Lather Shaving Creamery. The company adopted the name, from its early days when fellow hockey teammates who’s cultured slang, coined the nickname when describing in stories to other peers what exactly founder Olin Penna did.

The Creamery, based in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island which is known to be Canada’s own rendition of Nantucket, is a design driven toiletry and accessories brand that purveys distinctive products that are made to be unique and meaningful.

It first opened its kiosk on the wooden boardwalks of Charlottetown selling to cruise ship passengers as they ventured into town to explore. As the business grew the kiosk + portable storefront started travelling off island to regional gift expos and artisan markets where product would nearly be sold out at weekends close. The kiosk setup is well recognized as it's traveling caravan includes vast lobster traps, glass checkout booth, row boat and an ole wooden barber pole. 

This is for the generations that came long before us. Saluting the days when things took a little more time & effort to do a job well done. This shaving cream was crafted in homage to the Gentlemen of Roman Empires & Chimney Sweeps, to Ice Trade & Gold Rush Era’s, to Sunken Battleships & Dandyism. Inspired by Grandfathers whom took time to elevate this daily ritual.

From bankers to bricklayers, from fishermen to diplomats, we whisk this jar in ceremony. This is the Celebration of Manhood. This is the Luther Lather experience.