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Synthetic SilverTip Shave Brush

Synthetic SilverTip Shave Brush

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This Synthetic Shaving Brush is 4.5 inches long /10.5 cm in length.
Acrylic handles in:   White (Mega Yachet White) or Black (Locomotive Black ) 

Synthetic Shave Brush
This Shaving Brush is a top grade Synthetic knot and is non-allergenic.
The base of bristles gleam in electric white and gradually fades to darker follicles and finishes finally with silver-tip speckles on the ends. This brush has soft loft tips for gentle touch on your skin, yet bristles are stiffer and not limp.

The other key feature is that this brush is animal friendly and sustainable by which no animal is harmed or harvested for producing our knots. This is faux silvertip.