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Winter Collection & Hot Shave | Luther Lather Shaving Creamery

Our Wintergreen batch from the Luther Lather Winter Collection of Luxury Shave Cream, could be your best option in helping make the experience of colder, darker months much more enjoyable. Beat the winter blues and relish the bathroom experience as you lather in a proper shave. With cold winter air drying out skin, the coconut oil and honey in our whipped shaving cream acts as a skin butter in moisturizing and healing nourishment back to face.  What better a feeling to come inside from the brisk chill of the outdoors and indulge in a hot shower or bath and follow it up with a hot sinkside shave. Evoke a sense of tradition & nostalgia performing a true gentleman's morning ritual. #wintershave #thisisthecelebrationofmanhood #shavingcreamery #meetthemaker #lutherlather #luxeshavecream...

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